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Marking Scheme

I recommend that this project be marked using the following breakdown:

Content – 60 %
This category revolves around “Research and Analysis,” just as it does with the term paper.  60% of my grade on this project will be tied to my ability to collect, analyze, and communicate information based around my thesis.

Clarity and Organization – 30%
As I am using an interactive format, it is incredibly important that this project be user-friendly, understandable, and easy to interact with.  This mark will be much like a grade based upon the “structural” merit of a paper, but the organization of the information in this case must be navigable in its interactive, online format.

Style & Mechanics – 10%
I suggest that style & mechanics still be considered, but weighted lower in this project than in the term paper rubric.  This project offers an alternative presentation of information that may be slightly less formal and will certainly deter on occasion from the structure of a traditional essay. That said, I do think that it is important for at least part of the grade to consider style & mechanics. Appropriate grammar, sourcing, and focus are vital in keeping this project up to an appropriate academic standard.

This suggested marking scheme is currently just a guideline, and I am very open to different ways of approaching this.


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